War. War never ends; or it won’t with Tom Clancy’s EndWar Online bursting on browsers later this year

To many peoples’ surprise, it seems that Tom Clancy’s EndWar won’t be getting a direct sequel. Instead, a post-apocalyptic free-to-play MOBA spin-off has been announced which focuses on a rock-paper-scissors dynamic with a strategic overlay. The strategic map allows you to fight on multiple fronts for resources that are used to upgrade your units as well as purchase them. The details are a little sketchy at the moment but it is definitely a Flash browser-based game which will leave some interesting details on the technical side. Currently, it remains to be seen if Ubisoft can pull it off given the status of its other free-to-play titles such as Anno Online and Settlers Online. Three of the original game’s factions will be highlighted (Enforcers, Spetsnaz, and Joint Strike Force) with 10 units and 80 hero units planned. These will be utilized in conjunction with an Army management system as well as a RPG-esque progression system. Ubisoft notes that resources, while topped up via micro-transactions, will not be essential but mere convenience.

You can sign up for beta access here with closed beta slated for later this year and a release sometime in early 2014.