Ashes to Allies – Galaxy on Fire: Alliances

Blazing a trail of millions of downloads and stellar ratings, Fishlab Productions’ Galaxy on Fire: Alliance seeks to blow the doors off mobile strategy games with it’s highly ambitious MMORTS. Built within the existing lore of the Galaxy on Fire series, players will be able to choose from the Terran Federation, Vossk Empire, or Nivelian Republic. Each player starts in a home solar system that acts as a no-fly zone but all conquest outside this 10 planet safe zone is immediately up for attack. Other planets are conquered and scouted using drones that also act as scouts to help you determine the enemy’s strength as well as track their movements. Once a planet has been conquered, it can be defended using a variety of ships from lowly fighters to massive capital ships. All of this is built upon a foundation of careful management of your economy, resources, and production capabilities. The quicker and larger you expand, the more resistance you’ll encounter. The title is currently in close beta for the iOS with a full release date in November with an Android version following some time after.

Below is the closed beta trailer:

You can sign up for the beta here: